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A hardcover book with 'Marketing Automation School' printed on it.

The marketing automation knowledge you need to succeed—all in one place.

Marketing automation may not seem simple right away—but it can be. With the perfect balance of information, instruction, and examples, this multimedia learning experience features five chapters, over 20,000 words, and a mixture of, infographics, guides, podcast episodes and more. And all of it is designed to deliver you an unparalleled marketing automation education—completely free.

Whether you’re a senior marketer looking to refresh your basics, learn new trends, and find fresh strategic inspiration, or you’re an automation novice just starting to automate some of your most time-consuming marketing processes—you’re right where you should be.

Start a Chapter

Chapter 1

What is Marketing Automation?

To move forward together, it’s important that we all start on the same page. That’s why in our first chapter, we’ll answer the question, “What is marketing automation?” After we agree on a definition, we’ll talk about the landscape of this industry as a whole, and clear up some common misconceptions. Lastly, we’ll discuss what marketing automation actually is—and what it can be—when it comes to your business.

Chapter 2

What is Marketing Automation Used For?

From automated emails, to social media posting, to website tracking analytics, and retargeted ads, there are as many ways to use marketing automation as there are business ideas in the world. While we certainly can’t cover them all, this chapter will take you through some of the primary uses for marketing automation. Throughout, we’ll help you look at how you might start applying one—or even many—of these marketing automation uses in your own business.

Chapter 3

Marketing Automation Software

In this chapter we’re going on a tour de marketing automation software. We wouldn’t be teaching properly if we weren’t honest about all of the tools at your disposal. In this chapter, we’ll talk about the types of marketing automation tools that exist, as well as the common compliments and complaints of a variety of softwares—yep, Drip included. You’ll walk away with a better sense of the marketing automation universe and all of the major players, so you can see exactly where you fit in.

Chapter 4

Marketing Automation Examples & Workflows

At Drip, we’re proud of our many successful customers who’ve saved themselves time, earned more money, and better nurtured and engaged their customers, leads, and prospects. In this chapter, we’re going to look at fantastic examples of marketing automation and sample workflows through the lens of our most successful customers. You don’t need to be a Drip customer to get massive value from this chapter, where we’ll show you how the best of the best are using marketing automation strategies to succeed.

Chapter 5

The Future of Marketing Automation

If you’re familiar with marketing at all, you know how fast the landscape can change. Trends, tools, and best practices often shift, grow, and become different over time. We certainly don’t claim to know the full future of marketing automation—but what we do know is that it’s bright. In this chapter, we’ll light the way by illustrating where marketing automation is headed as an industry, what the best tools are doing, and how you can get an edge on your competition by embracing effective marketing tactics (before they do).

You Might Be Wondering:

Who’s teaching me at Marketing Automation School?
The content in this course comes from the great minds at Drip ECRM and Leadpages. The content included here is the culmination of knowledge we’ve gained from tens of thousands of customers and thousands of interactions with business owners and marketers around the world. As the fastest growing marketing automation software in the world, we at Drip have learned a thing or two about marketing automation, and we’re excited to share it with you.
Do I have to read this entire course?
We would never make you do anything you don’t want to. Marketing Automation School was designed to meet the needs of business owners and marketers at any of the many stages of marketing automation experience. As we proceed, you’ll be able to hop into any chapter that’s of value to you, and even download each of those chapters individually if they’re more to your liking than the other chapters in this guide.
Can I get started with marketing automation right now?
You sure can! And you can get started for free with Drip. We offer full-featured marketing automation for 14 days during Drip's free trial. As you proceed through Marketing Automation School, you can experiment with our tools and begin to implement the knowledge and best practices we offer throughout the course, specifically as it relates to your business.

Join the Future of Marketing Automation

Drip is the fastest growing Ecommerce CRM software in the world. Thousands of marketers and business owners use Drip to trigger millions of automated marketing actions every year—and tens of thousands of new automations happen every day. People around the world are discovering that Drip is truly the future of marketing automation; for the many and not the few. Join us today and find out why.

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