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Hi, Drip here.
World—meet your ECRM.

Marketing automation isn’t personal. We knew that when we started Drip in 2013.

Automation can make your marketing appear personal. It can help make it feel more human, but anything automated, using machine learning, big data, and artificial intelligence, will end up feeling exactly like that… Artificial.

In today’s Amazon-ified world, your customers begrudgingly accept trade-offs between selection, price, convenience, and personalization. They will give away some to get back others, and vice versa.

And that’s ok, until it isn’t...

Without context, communication, listening, and giving, Big Box’s attempts at “personalization” feel a lot more like the coming of Big Brother than the future of retail.

And to your customers—who are increasingly savvy (and therefore increasingly wary)—that makes Big bad.

Today, Big has become a bug—not a feature.

Big tracks you. Big targets you. Big mass markets at you. Big lumps you in with a bunch of people it thinks are exactly like you, and then Big tries to manipulate you. But Big is slow—dense. Big doesn’t care enough about you to do it right.

Ironically, the Big approach not only misses the small details, Big misses the big picture.

Your customers shop with you because you’re not Big. Because they seek a smarter, more tailor-made, hands-on experience. They’re not impressed by your algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, they’re interested in your genuine knowledge. Your specialty. Your passion.

That’s the competitive advantage.

To compete and win, you have to earn your customer's business, again and again. That means first earning their trust. Trust builds loyalty. And your most loyal customers are your most profitable.

So, how do you do that?

Don’t go Big.

CRMs are designed to Manage sales teams in pursuit of Big B2B relationships, and not on companies looking to build mutually beneficial, Customer Relationships with B2C customers, at scale.

At Drip, our focus is on driving consumer sales, not B2B sales teams. We’ll give you the tools Amazon has, but in a way that lets you listen, not track. Understand, not target. Market to, not market at. Energize, not manipulate.

It’s a CRM built by and for ecommerce specifically. We call it ECRM and it’s a whole new way to build better, mutually-beneficial relationships with your customers, at scale.

It’s still true that marketing automation, by its very name, isn’t personal...yet. Drip is focused on continuing to push ECRM beyond its current limitations, through product evolution focused on your distinct needs and opportunities. The goal is to connect your order management system with your marketing system at the customer level in order to build better, more profitable, and real relationships with your customers. It’s a big opportunity for all of us, and that’s the kind of Big we are happy to embrace.

– The Drip Team

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