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Shopify taps into endless customer data points as people shop with your store. Drip gathers, organizes, and puts all that insight to use. This integration empowers ecommerce stores to create personalized customer experiences using the data your Shopify store is already collecting.

A personalized customer experience makes your brand stand out from the competition while creating brand loyalty and trust. When you plug Shopify into Drip, brands can automatically start delivering the most meaningful messages on the right channel at the best time—a journey tailored to each unique customer. Custom, personalized engagement from your brand drives more repeat purchases and purely happy people.

Key Features

  • See how your work in Drip is affecting revenue with Account Dashboards.
  • Learn how each email drives engagement with Broadcast Dashboards.
  • Tailor each customer journey with dynamic multi-channel Workflows.
  • Drive more repeat purchases with personalized Product Recommendations.
  • Understand how people engage with your brand in Customer Profiles.
  • Create purchase-driving, loyalty-building emails in the Visual Email Builder.

Create personalized multi-channel strategies with Drip and Shopify

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