Ecommerce experiences as unique as your customers.

A screenshot of a segment in Drip showing people who have placed at least one order in the last month of the product category hats.

Segment by every nitty-gritty customer detail.

Deep Segmentation

Use Tags, Events, and Custom Fields to keep tabs on how people are interacting with your store. Drip makes it easy to understand what each unique shopper is looking for, opening, clicking, buying, and beyond so you can use every little detail to craft campaigns made just for them.

A screenshot of a Drip workflow showing the automation steps a person will go through 48 hours after making a purchase.

Engage with people at the most impactful moments.

Behavior-based Automations

There’s never just one right time to reach out. Whether it’s just browsing or buying it all, Drip’s Workflows automatically engage with folks at critical moments in the customer experience. From a warm welcome campaign to abandoned cart reminders and more, Drip was built for impact.

A screenshot of Drip's Visual Email Builder adding a row of recommended products to an email.

Show customers you care with spot-on personalization.

Personalized Experiences

Over 90% of people are more likely to shop with brands that remember and recognize them with custom content. Put all the customer data you track to good use with dynamic content like unique discount codes, product recommendations, price-drop notifications, and more content people care about.

See how Drip will transform your online store.