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Personalized campaigns fit to every customer.

Content Customization

Marketing with Meaning

Each customer is different from the next one. Different experiences, different interests, different needs. Ditch generic messages and embrace these differences with dynamic marketing that changes for every customer—automatically. In a world of cold retail experiences, it’s time to warm up the place with meaningful messages.

A screenshot showing a drafted email containing Liquid tags to substitute in user data, and conditionally show a section based off whether a user has a certain tag applied.
A screenshot of a person's activity in Drip showing their lead score and various tags that have been applied to them.


Turn Mass Marketing into 1-to-1 Conversations

Always have your thumb on the pulse of your customers. With segments, you’ll always be able to create meaningful groups of customers based on what they’re doing, like opening an email, visiting a page, downloading an ebook, or buying a product. The best part? Your segments will update automatically as people on your list meet (or don’t meet) the criteria for being in a segment, so you’re always talking to the right people.

Happy customers, happy you.

With handsome emails and relevant lingo, your marketing will mean more to all your customers, which only means good things for you.