Drip + Acuity Scheduling: Sync Your Email Campaigns with Client Appointments

Someone who books an appointment online—say, for a free consultation or a service appointment—isn’t your average website visitor. That person is a highly interested and extremely promising lead.

Which means (at least) two things:

  • They should definitely be on your email list …
  • … But they shouldn’t get the exact same emails as your average random opt-in or blog subscriber.

Drip’s integration with Acuity Scheduling lets you communicate and follow up with those extra-hot leads so that the transition from lead into customer is smooth and seamless.

And with just a little extra planning, you can also use the Drip/Acuity integration to send better communications to those people once they’ve definitively joined your customer base.

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What’s Cool About Acuity Scheduling

At its heart, Acuity Scheduling is an online calendar system—but an extraordinarily well connected one. While it can accommodate many business types, it’s especially good for small, service-based businesses. Founder Gavin Zuchlinski has said he was inspired to build the software as a solution for his mother, a massage therapist constantly interrupted by scheduling issues while she was trying to serve clients.

Here are some of the Acuity features that are especially helpful in making small business owners’ lives easier. (Note: many of these features, like the ability to integrate with Drip, require a paid plan, starting at $10 a month.)

Let clients add appointments directly to your iCal, Google, or Outlook calendar: You don’t have to flip back and forth between calendars when you want to see everything you have booked—Acuity will send new appointments directly to your calendar of choice.

Book free and paid services from one interface: Acuity Scheduling gives your website visitors the power to choose their own time slot based on the blocks of time you’ve designated as available. (Which means no more phone tag or email back-and-forth.) That goes for both open-to-everyone services—such as a free consultation or intake appointment—and paid services.

Individual or group appointments: If you teach classes or hold seminars at certain times, you can also use Acuity to let multiple people sign up for standing sessions.

Embeddable or free-standing calendar: Want to link to your calendar from an email? Or how about embedding it directly in a landing page? You can do both with Acuity Scheduling.

calendar on landing page

Ecommerce extras like service packages and coupons: You could potentially even use Acuity as your main online storefront. The platform can accept payments through Stripe, Square, PayPal, Braintree, or Authorize.net, and even apply discounts from coupons or package deals.

How to Use Drip + Acuity Scheduling Together

Once you link your Acuity and Drip accounts, Acuity will start sending Drip:

  • Your client’s name and email address
  • Your client’s last appointment time
  • Your client’s last appointment type

This information will first be collected on an intake form inside Acuity. One thing to note: you’ll need to give clients a heads up that they’re being added to your email list. You can accomplish this by using either a yes or no question or a checkbox (which you can make mandatory—especially useful if you’re offering a free consultation or another service).

Drip + Acuity integration

As soon as a new appointment is created, you can do things like …

Add new clients into Drip follow-up campaigns. You might not be able to close every single person who signs up for your free consultation or entry-level service, but you can convert a lot more of them if you’re able to follow up after that first appointment.

Of course, you could do that manually—but when you have the tools to do it automatically, why would you? Just set up a workflow to send a follow-up campaign to anyone who has booked an initial appointment in Acuity but who hasn’t been tagged as a customer within a given timeframe.

Reach out to people who haven’t booked recently. If your clients have reason to see you on a regular basis, some of them could use a reminder to book their next appointment. You can use the “last appointment date” field to segment customers by how recently they’ve seen you.

Customize emails by service type. Because Acuity tells Drip what the client’s last appointment type was, you can also segment customers based on the kind of service they use. For instance, say you run a salon offering both haircuts and spa services. You could add clients interested in either of these options to special campaigns or broadcasts when you have a special going on—or take the opportunity to cross-promote different services to people who haven’t tried something you offer.

Pro tip: Set up a simple rule to tag new clients with their service type, and then use the Liquid templating language to add custom content to your emails—such as a special P.S. for people who haven’t tried a certain service yet.

Send out automated appointment reminders. Since Acuity will tell Drip when your contact’s most recently booked appointment is, you can make sure everyone who’s booked shows up with an automated reminder.

Even More Schedule Synchronicity with Zapier

You can accomplish all this with Drip and Acuity alone. Add in Zapier, and you get more interesting automation possibilities.

Zapier options

With these expanded options, you can do things like …

  • Trigger automatic reminders to reschedule when someone cancels an appointment
  • Send custom campaigns or apply tags when someone makes a purchase
  • Automatically remove or add a tag from a subscriber when someone books an appointment or makes a purchase (especially useful if you use tags to separate prospects from customers)
  • Block off time based on clicking a trigger link

… and more. See another way you could use this expanded integration? Tell us in the comments.

Start Serving More Clients Seamlessly with Drip + Acuity Scheduling

If you have a service-based business, this integration can seriously streamline both your marketing and your booking process. Click below to try Drip with your Acuity account and get started booking more clients:

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Do you use Acuity to book appointments? Tell us what you like about it or share a tip in the comments.