Drip + Shopify Together Create Better Experiences and Happier Customers

We know you’ve heard this spiel before. Ecommerce is big. It’s getting even bigger, and there’s no end in sight.

Like a pot that’s about to boil over, you might be thinking this growth‘s gotta be reaching a breaking point and momentum is bound to slow, but the reality is that ecommerce is just warming up. Online sales grew a fat 13% between 2017 and 2018, with an expectation to top out around $505 billion by the end of the year (and hit more than $700 billion by 2022).

Well, my Shopify-using friends, it looks like you got here at just the right time.

We’ve been working hard at Drip, and now we’re here to say that our fully revamped Shopify integration is the easiest, most money-makingest, email marketing automation integration you can give your Shopify store today.  

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The Ecommerce World Is Growing. Be ready with Drip.

All this hyper-growth makes for wide-open opportunity for your Shopify store, but it also makes for some moving targets and obstacles, like:

  • Competition from swarms of independent sellers

  • Pressure from ecommerce behemoths like Amazon

  • New technologies vying for your attention

  • Changes in consumer behavior

  • Keeping your brand in front of your customers as search engines and social media change

  • Having a handle on it all while still earning a profit

Drip’s Shopify integration is here for you to face all those ugly unknowns and dominate your space while owning the entire customer experience and championing your brand. It’s the only Ecommerce Customer Relationship Manager (ECRM) around, and it was built with you at the top of our mind.

This integration makes it possible to understand what your customers are doing at every turn. See what they like, how they shop, and who they really are to go beyond a cold store-to-customer relationship and make memorable experiences your customers will want more of.

With one-click integration, robust segmentation, Guided Workflows, Dynamic Content blocks, a sleek revenue dashboard, and more features to make your customers happier, you’ll see your revenue take off.

If ever there was a time to get in on the ecommerce gold rush, this is it. We made this Shopify integration easy to set up and build on, so chasing your dreams is right at your fingertips. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been on this ecommerce ride for a while, Drip is ready when you are.

Connect Your Two Worlds in the Blink of an Eye

Plugging your Shopify store into Drip is easy. And we mean the whole thing—not just the “hitting the integrate button” part. We’ve made integrating Shopify and Drip a simple and hands-free (well, maybe just a finger click or two) process so you can tune your mind to other parts of your store.

Once you connect your store to Drip, your unique Drip JavaScript snippet is automatically slipped into your store’s theme. That little line of code is what makes it possible for your Drip account to keep in harmony with your Shopify store. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to see when someone visits a page, heads to the checkout, or whatever events you want to keep an eye on.

While your JavaScript code is being added to your Shopify account, your entire customer list and order history is automatically synced to your Drip account. And all of this starts happening from the moment you connect the two platforms.

Every Shopify customer you have an email address for will be added as a new subscriber inside your Drip account (as long as there aren’t any duplicate addresses). We’ll also make sure to note their subscription status in Drip and match it to whatever preferences they set in your Shopify store for future sending.

And with everyone’s order history automatically dropped into your Drip account, you can get to segmenting customers by products ordered, frequency of orders, order value, and beyond for perfectly aligned marketing from the get-go.

No manual migration. No worrying if you missed anyone. No painstaking maneuvering and tech wizardry. Just simple and complete migration of the information you need to start getting closer to your customers as soon as you integrate.

Get to Know Your Customers Better than Ever

With a new haul of customer info right inside your Drip account, you’re now free to make as many targeted and personalized marketing campaigns as you can muster. The fact is, every email address is your key to creating meaningful marketing for you customers.

See which pages on your site they’re visiting, which discounts they’ve used, how many emails they’ve opened or clicked—you’re finally seeing your customers in full color.

And the more you learn about your customers, the more you can speak to them where they are about stuff they’re actually interested in. Super valuable segmenting possibilities include:

Segment Customers by Their Order Details
We’re talking about picking out people who’ve ordered twice from you in the past 30 days with total amounts between $50 and $100. Or finding anyone who’s bought $150 worth of stuff in the past year. Or, really, whatever level of granularity you’re seeking when it comes to picking out low- to high-value customers for any of your messaging.

Shopify integration segment by order detail

Find Customers by Product Variant
Have an influx of sweatshirts that are all the same size? Or maybe the only sizes you have left of your best-selling shoes are 7’s and 16’s. In a past life, limited variety might have been tricky inventory to find homes for—until now.

See which of your customers have purchased those precise sizes and let them know you have something just for them (maybe even at a discount). You’ll be able to clear out in no time.

See Who’s Using Your Discounts
Segment your customers by the type and frequency of discounts they’ve used. This depth of segmentation lets you pick out your customers who only buy from you if they have a discount in hand, who will make a purchase with only your biggest coupons, or who’s perfectly happy paying full price for your goods.

The more you’re able to appeal to how your customers shop, the more you’ll be able to personalize your messaging to fit them and drive more trips to the checkout.

Shopify Drip integrations segment by discounts

Launch Perfectly Timed Workflows and Campaigns Based on Product Views
Pinpoint who’s perusing specific product categories on your website, and hit them up with the right message or coupon at the right time. For instance, see all of your customers who’ve looked at anything in your “Seasonal Candles” category in minutes, then send them a holly jolly coupon.

Or identify when a customer clicks into the “Candles” category, then clicks into any product within that category a few hours later. Identifying when people are most interested in your products is the secret ingredient to the best marketing around. Shoppers like these need just one little push to get them to purchase, and Drip makes it possible to see these prime moments.

Sort Customers by the Brands They’re Buying
“Vendor” is now an event property for tags and custom fields, which means it’s time to fire up boatloads of cross-sell workflows, folks. For example, you can segment your customers by those who’ve only bought Adidas shoes, then trigger a cross-sell workflow that encourages them to look at (and buy) some more shoes by that brand.

You’ll see a bump in revenue and your customers will feel like you’re actually paying attention to what they like. (Which they’ll like a lot.)

Go Broad with Category Segmentation
Want to run a special deal for anyone who’s ever purchased any type of shirt from your store? With the power to segment people by the product categories they bought from, you can. This lets you cast a wider net than product-specific segmentation while still making it possible to have targeted and relevant messaging for your customers.

Shopify Drip integration segment by product type

Show Customers Stuff They’ll Actually Want with Dynamic Content
Nothing says, “Hey, I getchu,” quite like showing people stuff they’ll love. And since we’re all about getting close to customers around here, we’ve rolled out two features for Shopify users that’ll help you bring ‘em closer than ever:

Number 1: Product recommendations

Number 2: Top-selling products

These are two new dynamic content blocks that you can stick in any of your Broadcast, Campaign, and Workflow emails. In one click, you’ll have a personalized product rec or your most popular products right in your email, tailored to anyone and everyone who gets it.

Wanna know some other cool stuff about all this?

  • These are great ways to make first-time customers into repeat customers (who are 9X more likely to convert and have a higher average order value).

  • Product recommendations are based on a customer’s order history (so no one will ever see a rec for something they’ve already purchased, only things they’ll love).

  • These are fast ways to introduce your customers to more of your goods.

Build Email Experiences, Not Just Words

You’ve spent a lot of time curating your products or hand-making your goods, and turning your passion into a living, breathing brand. With Drip‘s point-and-click Visual Email Builder, you can easily craft image-driven emails that build relationships and boost conversions.

The cold, hard data even says email marketing campaigns that include images have been found to increase click-through rates by 42%. That’s 42% more people compelled to click through to landing pages, product pages, their shopping cart, and beyond all thanks to the power of the picture.

The point-and-click functionality of Drip’s Visual Email Builder makes it simple to format your emails exactly how you need without the fuss of dragging and dropping. Product images, logos, fancy text blocks, buttons—stick ‘em all right where you need them to get the exact look and feel you’re after.




Plus, if you have a some extra development muscle on your side, features like dynamic content are waiting for you. Add personalized content like real-time flight prices, event details, hotel prices, or whatever your product needs into your emails automatically for true next-level marketing. No more diving in and making manual changes every time something needs to be tweaked as your product details shift.

Your emails should be less about code and more about content. Bringing your beautifully branded and enticing content to your current and could-be customers is the perfect way to introduce yourself, provide memorable experiences, and keep building on relationships.

Guided Workflows Make Automation Easy

Workflows are the automated money-making journeys every Shopify store needs. The user-friendly builder makes them easy to create, seamless automation saves buckets of time, and they provide a way to give every customer a one-of-a-kind experience based on how they’re interacting with your site and the rest of your marketing channels.

If you’re looking to jump into workflows pronto and reap some sweet ROI from the start, say hello to Guided Workflows. While our pre-built Shareable Workflows have been a favorite for Shopify store-owners to install and tailor to their needs, Guided Workflows are here to, well, guide you through making your own essential automations.


We’re talking about cart abandonment, browse abandonment, a welcome series, and more core workflows that have been proven to build relationships and increase conversions. Guided Workflows are the Ikea instructions of automation, providing directions and tips so you can learn how to make high-performing workflows at your own pace.

In just a few steps, you’ll have smart marketing automations humming in the background of your business from the second you hit “Start.” This means you can focus on your next campaign, filling your inventory, planning for the upcoming season, checking out your dashboard—all while your new workflows care for your customers in more personalized ways every step of their journey.

Put Your Marketing Under the Microscope

With every marketing effort you make to help grow your Shopify store, you want to know how it’s paying off. Seeing and understanding your ROI helps you know where to spend your time and which strategies work best for what you’re selling (and who you’re selling to).

Now, every Drip account that’s plugged into Shopify gets its own big and beautiful revenue dashboard. It’s the slickest way to see how everything you’re doing in Drip is adding to your bottom line.

Shopify Drip integration revenue account dashboard


In seconds, you’ll see how much your strategies in Drip have contributed to your overall revenue. You’ll also get a snapshot of your top-performing, hard-working campaigns, workflows, and broadcasts.

The Shopify revenue dashboard lets you point a finger at exactly what’s working for you, so you can do more of that and less of what’s not working. Plus, if you’re not the head honcho, it’s the perfect summary to show your boss to prove your big idea is working big time.

Your Store Is About to Make a Splash

Drip and Shopify are the chicken and waffles of the ecommerce world for any store-owner looking to build truly unique customer experiences and loyalty. The attention to detail paid to every part of the integration will help you stand out in both the crowded ecommerce landscape and the minds of your customers.

With the power to understand people at every turn, Drip lets you build increasingly valuable customer relationships that feel a bit like old friendships, all while driving more revenue because of it.

Sure, ecommerce is getting bigger by the day. But with this integration from Drip, you’ll never feel the growing pains again.

Want to see how Drip and Shopify can come together to grow your business? Grab a free, no-pressure demo with one of our Drip experts, and we'll walk you through what a match Drip and Shopify are together.

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