Drip Has Acquired On-Site Engagement Platform Sleeknote

I’m excited to announce that Drip has acquired Sleeknote, the internet’s favorite popup builder. This partnership will allow Drip customers to convert more website visitors into purchasers, and serve up even more personalized and relevant marketing messages. 

I’d like to share a bit more about why Drip acquired Sleeknote, what this means for Drip customers moving forward, and what the future holds for this partnership.

Why We Acquired Sleeknote

The marketing landscape is constantly evolving, especially the way we acquire customers. It’s more competitive than ever, with millions of brands competing for shoppers’ attention and loyalty - making each and every interaction count.

Skyrocketing customer acquisition costs through paid media channels are forcing brands to optimize every site visit.  And increasing privacy restrictions from Apple and Google are forcing brands to quickly understand who their customer is and use that knowledge to build brand affinity.

In 2022 and beyond, acquiring and intelligently using zero-party customer data (data that customers voluntarily provide such as contact information and preferences) is the key to scalable, sustainable growth. 

That’s where Sleeknote comes in. And now, Drip is even more powerful. Drip has been a leading ecommerce marketing automation tool that has helped 30,000 marketers generate over $2 Billion in revenue. We’ve been empowering marketers with easy-to-use templates, advanced segmentation capabilities, and built-in guidance for years.

And now, with the power of Sleeknote, Drip customers will be able to convert more website visitors into first and repeat purchasers. Sleeknote’s high performing forms and onsite conversion tools for upsells, cross-sells, and promotions have been used by thousands of customers across the world.  By bringing their tools directly into the Drip platform, brands will be able to own their customer data and personalize the customer experience across channels.

Together, Drip and Sleeknote will help ecommerce brands drive more revenue through targeted, relevant communications no matter where they choose to engage with you - be it on-site, through email, or via SMS. Through this partnership, your customer journey is yours to own.

You’re going to learn a lot more about Sleeknote in the coming months, but if you’re curious to learn how to use it to grow your business, this post is a good introduction.

What the Acquisition Means for Drip Customers

If you’re a Drip customer, nothing will change for you right now. You’ll continue to enjoy Drip at your current pricing plan.

You’ll also continue to see Drip rolling out new features at the rate you’re used to today—only as part of a bigger, more important mission. 

Over the coming months, customers can expect a lot of exciting new changes at Drip, including:  

  • A new elegant Campaign Builder. A user-friendly, Sleeknote-powered Campaign Builder that will make creating campaigns—popups, forms, slide-ins, and more—easier than ever (without the need for a designer). 
  • Beautifully designed templates. You’ll get immediate access to more than 100 pre-made, fully-customizable templates for every conversion goal (collect emails, increase product sales).
  • More ways to engage your audience on-site. Collect zero-party customer data to personalize your campaigns or “gamify” your on-site experience by inviting visitors to “spin-to-win,” subscribe to daily deals and more.

We’ve also built a new integration with Sleeknote to help Drip customers get started seeing the value in our combined solution right away. Key features of this integration will include: 

  • Email opt-in. You’ll be able to easily collect email addresses through a Sleeknote campaign and pass that data to power email sends in Drip. 
  • Automation triggers. You’ll be able to trigger a workflow or automation in Drip from any form submission in Sleeknote.
  • Segmentation. You’ll be able to create powerful segments in Drip using zero-party data from Sleeknote popups—like someone's product preference or favorite color.

Lastly, I want to thank our customers for being on this journey with Drip. Witnessing your growth over the years truly fuels us each and every day. It’s a privilege serving you and your business and we wish you continued success. 

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