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The only 100% free, 100% virtual, 100% ecommerce marketing conference.

April 11–12, 2018

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Ecommerce Marketing Mastery Straight from the Masters Themselves

If you’re selling stuff online, you already know competition is lurking around every digital corner. In order to get in front of customers (and stay in front of them), you need to have the best ecommerce marketing strategies up your sleeve.

And who better to teach you those strategies than 17 ecommerce marketing masters from top online businesses?

Automated is the one and only free, virtual ecommerce marketing conference that gives you inside access to the brains behind companies like Facebook, Twilio, and BigCommerce.

These are companies that started small—maybe where you are today in your ecomm journey—but now set the bar for what smart ecommerce marketing can do with tactics like automation, ecommerce CRM, clever lead gen, and beyond.

What you can expect from two days of tuning in:

  • 17 speakers dishing their ecommerce marketing prowess. This includes CEOs, founders, and growth-focused marketers from companies like Google, Twilio, Facebook, and BigCommerce
  • A full-color look at some of the highest-converting ecommerce campaigns
  • The automated social media strategies that can save you hours a day
  • The specific workflows every online marketer should know about (and how to create them from start to finish)
  • Not paying anyone money to attend
  • Watching in your pajamas or your business suit (it’s really up to you, we won’t know the difference)
  • And much, much more

Since this is a completely virtual conference, you can join us for Automated from anywhere in the world, absolutely free. Wherever you happen to flip up your laptop that day is where the conference is happening.

Ready to take your online business to the next level? Reserve your spot right now, then join us on Wednesday, April 11 and Thursday, April 12 to experience the best experts in ecommerce marketing, and learn what they can do for your business.

(Psst...even if you can’t attend, still register here. We’ll send you every presentation for free after Automated ends.)

Our Rad Roster of Speakers

Great marketing minds from great companies like Shopify, Twilio, Facebook, NECTAR, and many more, are coming together for this year’s Automated. Check out the roster of speakers we’re proud to present.

Nupur Bhade



Product Marketing Manager

Sona Parikh



Product Growth Manager

Wade Foster




Ben Jabbaway




Tracey Wallace




Ryan Kulp




Ezra Firestone


Smart Marketer


Dustin Robertson




Talia Wolf



Founder and Chief Optimizer

Syed Balkhi




Austin Brawner



Dave Gerhardt



VP of Marketing

Bob Jenkins



Manager of Marketing Education

Brennan Dunn



Founder and CEO

Brendan Fortune



Sr. Director of Product

Additional speakers to be announced soon!

Get Ready for the Finest and Freest Ecomm Marketing Conference

Two days packed with proven ecommerce marketing strategies from top companies and the savvy minds that fuel their growth.

How This Whole Thing Works

When’s the last time you got to attend a premium marketing conference for zilch? Unless you tuned into our inaugural Automated conference last year, we’re going to guess never.

Attending is easy. Simply sign up here, on this very page. Then make sure to tune in on April 11 and 12 (we’ll send you some reminders between now and then, so don’t worry about forgetting). It’s really 100% free to join us from anywhere in the world. Just sign up, show up, and learn about ecommerce marketing and the clever ways it can put your business on top.

If you really want to come, but you aren’t able to join us live, still sign up. We’ll send you all the recordings (still free) after Automated ends.

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