Episode #41

Selene Dior from Vitae Apparel

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In this episode of Beyond the Inbox, host Sam chats with Selene Dior, the founder of Vitae Apparel. Selene shares her journey of entrepreneurship, starting from the inception of her brand to its current success. She sheds light on the importance of influencer marketing, which contributes a significant 20% to her brand's revenue. Despite the challenges of filtering through a growing pool of influencers, Selene emphasizes the importance of partnering with those who have a strong, engaged community.

Selene also highlights the pivotal role Notion played in her company's growth. She fell in love with this tool four years ago and has since used it as the hub of information for her company, including everything from Employee Handbooks to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Despite the rapid scaling of her team and the challenges it brought, she acknowledges the need for a structured onboarding process and readily available SOPs for new hires.

The conversation then shifts to Vitae's mobile app, which contributes a notable 25-30% of the company's revenue. Selene explains that the app is more than a shopping platform - it's a resource center that supports customers' lifestyle and wellness habits. The app hosts exclusive campaigns, workout videos, cookbooks, and meditation tracks. Selene also shares the importance of push notifications, which are free for her team to use.

Selene also talks about her decision to become the face of her brand and the power of transparency and storytelling. She shares her struggles with burnout and financial challenges and emphasizes the importance of forming a personal connection with her community. Despite the initial reluctance and vulnerability, she acknowledges the benefits and the increased engagement it has brought to her brand.

The podcast concludes with a look into Vitae's future. Selene plans to pivot the brand towards wellness and launch a podcast featuring customer stories about overcoming mental health challenges and building self-confidence. She also shares her plans for rebranding Vitae to cater to an older demographic. Despite the many challenges and moving parts, Selene displays a clear vision for her brand and a deep understanding of her community.

Read the transcript:

  • (11:58) Discussion on the rapid scaling of the team and the challenges it brought
  • (13:14) Mention of how Notion was used in the company's growth
  • (13:53) Introduction to Vitae's mobile app and its role in the company's revenue
  • (14:56) In-depth details on the app's features and unique selling points
  • (16:40) Selene's vision for the app and its role as a resource center for customers
  • (19:03) Discussion on community management and Selene taking on the role of community manager
  • (19:16) Introduction and details about the decision to have a retreat
  • (20:07) Selene's personal experience with a retreat and how it inspired her to host one for her brand
  • (22:30) Selene's decision to become the face of her brand and the impact it's had on the community
  • (24:18) Insight into the power of storytelling and its impact on sales
  • (27:28) Discussion on the future of the brand and plans for moving towards the wellness direction
  • (28:59) Where to learn more about the brand