Episode #45

Michael Kuech from Your Super

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In this episode of Beyond the Inbox, host Sam sat down with Michael Kuech, co-founder of Your Super, a brand dedicated to promoting health and wellness through their line of superfood mixes. Michael detailed his inspiring journey, from a personal health crisis to the creation of a successful health-conscious brand.

Michael's journey began with a cancer diagnosis at 24, which led to a deep interest in health and nutrition. Along with his partner, Crystal, he set out to create a line of superfood mixes that would make healthy eating accessible and enjoyable. They began their venture with a Shopify shop as a platform for pre-sales.

Michael emphasized the importance of sourcing high-quality ingredients for their products. He shared how they learned about the superfood industry, including the varying quality of superfoods depending on their source. Despite the higher cost, they chose quality over price, ensuring their products were 100% organic and packed with nutrients.

Discussing the landscape of the superfood market at their startup time, Michael noted that while superfoods had been around for quite some time, their approach of combining different superfoods to create functional mixes was novel. This innovative approach made superfoods more accessible to users and helped them gain traction in the market.

The conversation then shifted towards the business side of things, discussing their move from Europe to the US. Surprised by the number of US customers willing to pay high shipping costs and wait weeks for their products, they decided to transition to the US market.

Marketing and customer acquisition strategies were another key topic. Michael highlighted the power of storytelling in their brand promotion. By telling their story authentically and focusing on the emotional connection with their customers, they were able to differentiate their brand in a competitive market.

Email marketing played an integral role in their brand growth, contributing to 20-30% of their revenues. Michael shared how they used email to guide customers through their product offerings and continue the storytelling aspect of their brand.

Discussing the changes in the superfood industry over the years, Michael noted an influx of new players but lamented that the quality of products hasn't always kept pace. He urged consumers to scrutinize ingredient lists and opt for cleaner, simpler products.

Michael emphasized the importance of customer obsession and building a thriving community around their brand. He shared their strategy of creating a community where members help each other, fostered through events, live sessions, and shared experiences.

Despite selling the company, Michael and Crystal remain the face of the brand, focusing on inspiring people, creating recipes, doing social media outreach, and participating in community events. The duo's mission for the future is clear: to continue promoting healthy eating through the power of plants, as they inspire millions to lead healthier lives.

Read the transcript:

  • (08:48) Discussed how they initially sourced ingredients and ensured quality
  • (10:00) Talked about their decision to prioritize quality over cost
  • (10:44) Provided insight into the landscape of the superfood market when they started
  • (11:46) Explained how they made superfoods more accessible by creating functional mixes
  • (12:27) Commented on the growing popularity of superfoods and influencer marketing
  • (14:05) Shared the story of their move from Europe to the US
  • (16:26) Talked about their approach to marketing and customer acquisition
  • (17:54) Discussed the importance of storytelling in their brand
  • (19:33) Discussed their strategy for guiding customers through their product offerings
  • (20:57) Highlighted the importance of email marketing in their brand growth
  • (22:09) Briefly touched on the role of SMS in their marketing
  • (23:02) Discussed changes in the superfood industry over the last few years
  • (24:00) Emphasized the importance of customer obsession and community building in differentiating a brand in a competitive market
  • (25:06) Shared their current roles after selling the company
  • (27:07) Discussed their future plans and commitment to their mission of promoting healthy eating with the power of plants
  • (28:14) Highlighted their ongoing work to inspire people, make recipes, do social media outreach, and participate in community events
  • (28:53) Provided information on where listeners can learn more about what they and their brand are doing