Episode #36

Leah McHenry from Mythologie Candles

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In this episode of Beyond the Inbox, host Sam interviews Leah McHenry, the founder of Mythology Candles. The conversation delves into Leah's journey as both a musician and an entrepreneur, highlighting how her experiences in the music industry have influenced her marketing strategies.

Leah emphasizes the power of vulnerability and connection in building a brand. She believes that by sharing her story and being transparent, she has been able to connect with her audience on a deeper level. Leah discusses the importance of prioritizing tasks that truly move the needle and eliminating busy work. She credits her ability to focus on impactful tasks as a key factor in managing her multiple roles, including running a seven-figure business, making music, and homeschooling her children.

One of the key insights shared by Leah is the value of creating a paid community. Mythology Candles has established a membership program called the Candle Guild, which offers exclusive access to drops, private communities, and the opportunity for members to contribute to the brand's candle creations. By providing additional benefits to their most enthusiastic customers, Mythology Candles fosters a sense of exclusivity and builds stronger relationships with their community.

Leah also discusses the significance of sample sizes in the e-commerce industry. Recognizing that purchasing fragrances online can be a risky decision for customers, she introduced sample sizes to remove that resistance. This approach has been successful in encouraging customers to try different scents and eventually upgrade to full-sized products.

The conversation further explores the use of SMS and email in capturing visitor information and nurturing customer relationships. Leah highlights the importance of building an SMS list and treating it as a separate channel from email marketing. Mythology Candles incentivizes customers to sign up for SMS notifications and provides exclusive early access and promotions to this VIP group.

Throughout the episode, Leah draws connections between her music background and her entrepreneurial endeavors. She emphasizes the value of transparency, connection, and creating unique experiences for customers. Leah also expresses her excitement for future plans, envisioning the expansion of Mythology Candles into various offshoots and exploring new avenues such as publishing and in-person mythology experiences.

Overall, Leah McHenry's journey as a musician turned entrepreneur provides valuable insights into building a successful brand. Her focus on vulnerability, connection, and prioritization serves as inspiration for entrepreneurs looking to make an impact in their respective industries.

Read the transcript:

  • (00:00) Introduction
  • (00:33) Leah McHenry's background as a musician and entrepreneur
  • (01:59) The power of vulnerability and connection in building a brand
  • (03:37) Prioritizing tasks that truly move the needle
  • (05:28) Creating a paid community for dedicated fans
  • (07:14) The intersection of music and marketing
  • (08:24) Insights from a musician turned entrepreneur
  • (09:51) Building a brand with transparency and connection
  • (11:10) Nurturing a community of super fans
  • (12:31) Turning passion into profit with independent music sales
  • (14:01) The power of sample sizes in e-commerce
  • (15:24) Leveraging SMS and email for effective visitor capture
  • (16:41) Workflows and automations for customer engagement
  • (18:20) From stranger to friend to advocate: Building customer loyalty
  • (19:45) The success behind 4,000+ 5-star reviews
  • (21:05) The art of turning mundane moments into memorable experiences
  • (23:30) The power of niche marketing in a saturated market
  • (25:09) Lessons from selling music online as an independent artist