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The experience your customers deserve.

Email Builders

An Email Builder for Everybody

Sometimes you need the short and sweet intimacy best offered by plain text emails, and sometimes you just need to show people what you’re talking about so they get the whole picture. This is exactly why Drip comes stock with both a Text Builder and a Visual Email Builder.

A screenshot of the Drip Visual Email builder as a Drip user builds an email.

Automation Workflows

Never Miss a Beat with Automation Workflows

Every customer that saunters through your digital doors takes a slightly different journey from the time they show up to the time they make a purchase. It might be kinda easy to track and act on all that motion with just a few customers rolling in when you’re getting started, but once that light sprinkle turns into a relentless monsoon, you’re going to need some help.

Meet Shareable Workflows

Multi-channel Marketing

Reach Further than the Inbox

Sure, Drip is pretty good at sending emails (shameless nod to our industry-leading deliverability rate), but because we’re in the business of ecommerce customer relationship management, we’re also pretty darn good at understanding your customers no matter where they are. Here are a few ways to cozy up to your customers with Drip:

  • Tailored Facebook ads
  • Personalized websites and landing pages
  • Postcards sent through the good ol’ USPS
  • Text messages
  • And more
A screenshot of a Facebook ad, targeting a Facebook Custom Audience curated with Drip.
A screenshot of the pre-build campaigns found within Drip.

Email Campaigns

Hey, Don’t Sweat the Sequence

Email campaigns in Drip are easy to build and launch. Each campaign can have as many emails as you need (but if you want to send just one email, we recommend setting up a one-off broadcast email). Then set whatever time delay you want between email sends and hit the cadence you want for any campaign.

If you want to get started ASAP, we’ve put together some blueprints for you. Just hop in, plug in some details (like the name of your shop), and put your first email campaign into action.

One-off Emails

One-hit Wonders

Build broadcasts using your pick of the Visual or Text Builders, then send them off to anyone and everyone on your list. Take advantage of Drip’s deep segmentation capabilities to get as niche as you need with every single email you send out, then personalize your messaging using Liquid language.

A screenshot of a Facebook ad, targeting a Facebook Custom Audience curated with Drip.

Happy customers, happy you.

With handsome emails and relevant lingo, your marketing will mean more to all your customers, which only means good things for you.