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Drive more revenue with better segmentation.

Create super relevant, highly personalized emails and onsite marketing based on the kind of customer actions that drive your ecommerce revenue.

“The options for automation and segmentation are second to none.”

Don’t just take our word for it.

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Get the most out of your email and onsite marketing with Drip.


Segment everyone, personalize everything.

Our pre-built segments update in real time allowing you to target all your customers with perfect precision.


Proven ecommerce playbooks, built-in.

Engage your customers with pre-built playbooks proven to drive more revenue - like welcome series, abandoned cart, and post-purchase emails.


Insights and guidance to keep you growing.

Get recommendations and insights to tell you what’s working, what needs to improve, and where to find your next revenue opportunity.

Harness the segmentation power of your data.

Better segmentation starts with having the right data. We take data from your store and marketing tools to serve your customers super relevant content based on how they shop - like what they buy, browse, and click across your store.

Sophisticated personalization (simplified).

Want to target customers who checked out face creams last month? Or bought that ferocious hot sauce? No problem! Drip allows you to create and target the right audience for your offerings with easy-to-use, pre-built and custom segments that update in real time.

"This is the most impressive email marketing tool I have used"

"The segmentation powers are wonderful, the email builder is elegant and easy and  powerful."

"The automations make my life so much easier."

"I like the easy segmentation tools and their seamless integration with custom rules and workflows."

We drive revenue for bad*ss brands.

Segment everyone and personalize everything with Drip.

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