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Liquid Guide

Drip uses the Liquid templating language to load dynamic content. Whether you’re an email template developer or an ecommerce automation marketer, let us show you the in's and out's of using Liquid.


Liquid is a dynamic templating language that allows you to customize information in real time—as it’s moving through Drip or being sent to your list.

What’s a “templating language”?

It’s a “bridge” between all the data in Drip—ranging from a person's information to marketing copy—and what gets written in emails or specific data fields.

Liquid is simple, plain text language that’s placed between sets of double braces {{ }}.

It’s made up of “objects” (the data or information that gets inserted anywhere in Drip) and “tags” (the directions that tell Drip how to determine what objects to insert).

Liquid then gives you the ability to use a series of optional “filters” to format or perform operations on your data.

You can insert Liquid directly into your emails, rules or workflows for Drip to execute in real time.

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