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User Manual


Workflow Trigger Event.

A Workflow Trigger is based on an Event that comes from Drip or from an integration. When the specified trigger event occurs for a person, they will enter the Workflow.

People cannot retrigger a Workflow they're currently in. Outside of Parallel Paths, there can only be one instance of a person in a Workflow. 

Trigger Provider and Event

Trigger Provider and Event drop-downs.

Specify the trigger provider and event to trigger Workflow automation. The drop-down to the left contains all of the providers that send events to Drip. When you select Drip as the provider, the drop-down to the right contains events specific to Drip. When another provider is selected, events specific to that provider are made available in the drop-down to the right.

To configure the Trigger provider and event:

  1. From the drop-down to the left, select the event Provider

  2. From the drop-down to the right, select the Event

For more information about what providers and events can be used, read more about predefined events.

Workflow Entry Trigger

Define your trigger step.

The Entry Trigger is the top-most node in any Workflow. To define the entry trigger in a Workflow:

  1. Click Define your trigger…

  2. Select the Provider

  3. Select the Event

When the specified trigger event is performed by a person they will enter into the Workflow.

Trigger Filter

Apply additional criteria to an entry trigger to narrow down the number of people who can enter a Workflow. 

To apply a filter to a trigger:

  1. Click Change

  2. Apply Filters

  3. Click Update Criteria

With a filter, the trigger no longer applies to everyone who performs the trigger event. A person must perform the event and fulfill the additional criteria as specified.

For more information about what Filters you can use to make a Workflow trigger more exclusive, read about our People Filter.