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User Manual

Workflow Settings

Workflow Settings contain a number of different types of functionality. In the settings, enable Workflow analytics and a visual accessibility setting, view a todo list, and share, duplicate, and delete a Workflow.

To access the Workflow Settings:

  1. Click the Workflow Settings

  2. Select a Setting

Workflow Analytics

Workflows keep a tally of each time a person passes through a workflow node. If a person reaches a node they don't immediately pass through, such as a delay, a count is taken for the number of people currently in that step. Once the person has passed through the node, done increases by 1, and current decreases by 1.

The following node types pause a person until the node's task is complete:

  • Delay

  • Send a campaign

  • Restart a campaign

Show Analytics

Toggle the Show Analytics setting to show or hide analytics for each node in the workflow. Workflows continue to track analytics in the background while the setting is disabled.

Workflow Todo List

The Workflow Todo List is a quick view of reminders of the outstanding tasks to complete before you activate a Workflow. For example, if you've placed a Campaign node but haven't activated the Campaign, a reminder appears in the Todo List. Click on an item in the list to perform the task.

Once a task is complete, it is resolved from the Todo List. If there are no outstanding tasks to complete, the Todo List lets you know that the workflow is ready to activate.

Show Todo List

To view any outstanding tasks you need to complete for the Workflow, enable the Show Todo List setting.

Workflow Map

The Workflow Map is like a bird's eye view of an entire Workflow. This provides a way of scrolling through lengthy Workflows to find the section you'd like to manage. While you scroll through your Workflow, the area visible on your screen is highlighted in the Workflow Map.

Show Workflow Map

To get a bird's eye view of your Workflow, enable the Show Workflow Map setting.

Workflow Night Mode

Night Mode reduces fatigue from working in low-light settings. The setting also allows for better accessibility in cases of visual impairment. The setting changes the background color of the Workflow from light to dark and the nodes will also take on a dark background.

Enable Night Mode

To switch your Workflow to a dark background color, enable the Night Mode setting.