User Manual

Notification Emails

Notification emails are a type of email that is never sent to the people on your List. You specify by email address who should receive the notification. Notification emails can be sent to a single recipient or multiple recipients at the same time.

Add a Notification Email

To set a Notification email node in a Workflow:

  1. Click the + icon in the Workflow where you'd like to place the Notification email

  2. In the pop-up, click Action

  3. In the drop-down to the left, select Drip

  4. In the drop-down to the right, select Send a notification email

  5. Click Edit email settings

Notification Recipients

To send a Notification email to multiple recipients, enter each email address separated by a comma into the To whom should we send the notification? Field.

Subject Line

In Workflows and Rules, the subject line is auto-populated to inform recipients about which Workflow or Rule the email was triggered. In Bulk Operations, the subject line is blank and must be drafted manually.

Notification Message

When a Notification email is triggered for a person, it contains information about that person inside of the email content. Notification emails use the Text Builder and the Visual Builder is not an option for this email type.