User Manual

Monitor a Workflow

Track the results of a Workflow with Workflow Dashboards. There are two different Workflow Dashboard views in Drip. 

Workflow Dashboard

workflow dashboard with revenue metrics

Workflow Dashboard with revenue metrics

workflow dashboard without revenue

Workflow Dashboard without revenue metrics

The Workflow Dashboard allows you to conduct a deeper analysis of how your workflow is performing and driving revenue if you report revenue in Drip. This allows you to optimize your marketing strategies and build better, more profitable relationships with your customers.

From the dashboard you can see the following stats for a given date range:

  • Revenue performance of the Workflow 
  • Email metrics 
  • Total number of people that had any activity in the Workflow per day
  • Number of orders attributed to the Workflow
  • Revenue per person 
  • Average order value
  • Average time it took for people to make a purchase
  • Revenue attribution for each email
  • Split Testing metrics 

Workflow Dashboards are updated hourly.