User Manual


Setting up a Goal trigger.

Goals are the main milestones people should achieve while active in a Workflow. When someone achieves a Goal step in a Workflow they are pulled down from any point in the Workflow above it to that Goal step.

Add a Goal to a Workflow:

  1. Click the + icon in the Workflow at the point you'd like to add a Goal
  2. Select Goal
  3. Select the event that will trigger the Goal
  4. Click Update Trigger

When people achieve the event selected, they will be pulled down to the Goal.

Goals as Workflow Entry Points

A Goal used as a trigger point to enter into a Workflow.

Turn on the option to Use this trigger as an entry point to allow entry into the Workflow at that point when a person triggers the Goal step. 

Goals Placed Side by Side

When Goals are set up side by side, only one of the goals must be met for a person to trigger into the workflow.

Goals and Campaigns

The Continue sending campaign emails even if a goal is achieved setting.

If a person is subscribed to a Campaign and then achieves a Goal further down the Workflow, the person will be unsubscribed from the Campaign.

To retain people's Campaign subscription once a Goal is achieved, enable the Continue sending emails even if a goal is achieved setting from within the Send a Campaign step.