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User Manual


Setting up a Goal trigger.

A Goal is a step in a Workflow—that when achieved—removes the person from any point in the Workflow above it. Goals are the main milestones people should achieve while active in a Workflow.

To add a Goal to a Workflow:

  1. Click the + icon in the Workflow at the point you'd like to add a Goal
  2. From the pop-up, select Goal
  3. Select the event that will trigger the Goal
  4. Click Update Trigger
  5. Add additional nodes below the Goal as needed

Goals as Workflow Entry Points

A Goal used as a trigger point to enter into a Workflow.

Enable the Use this trigger as an entry point setting to allow entry into the Workflow at that point when a person triggers the event.

Goals Placed Side by Side

When Goals are set up side by side, only one of the goals must be met for a person to trigger that section of the workflow.

Goals and Campaigns

The Continue sending campaign emails even if a goal is achieved setting.

If a person becomes subscribed to a Campaign and then achieves a Goal further down the workflow, the person will be unsubscribed from the Campaign.

To retain people's Campaign subscription once a Goal is achieved, enable the Continue sending emails even if a goal is achieved setting from within the Campaign node.