User Manual

Delete a Node

Tweak and optimize your Workflows with the ability to delete a Delay or Action node within a Workflow when people are active in those nodes. When you delete a Delay or Action node in a Workflow, you can choose to move the people active on that step to the next step or to remove them from the Workflow.

To delete a Delay or Action node in a Workflow: 

  1. Go to Workflows > Workflows 
  2. Select the Workflow you'd like to delete a Delay or Action node in
  3. Navigate to the Delay or Action node you'd like to delete 
  4. Hover over the node and click x
  5. Select Move them to the next step or Remove them from this Workflow 

The node will be deleted and anyone who was active on it will be moved to the next step or removed from the Workflow. 

When you delete a Start an Email Series or Start Workflow node, the people who are currently in the Email Series or Workflow will complete it.

To remove people from the Email Series after you delete the Start an Email Series node, use our Bulk Operation feature.

Move to the Next Step

When you select the option to Move to the next step, the people from the deleted node go on to the next node in the Workflow. This transfer is similar to moving to the next stop on a train; it takes time to move each person to the next stop. If you need to delete the node directly below the first deleted node, you should allow time for the people to transfer before you delete it. 

When you delete a node, any analytics associated with the node are lost. 

If you delete the node before people have the opportunity to relocate to the node directly below it, the people are removed from the Workflow.