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User Manual

Delete a Node

Delete a Delay or Action node within a Workflow, when people are active in those nodes.

  1. Within an active Workflow, navigate to the Delay or Action node you’d like to delete
  2. Hover over the node, click the x
  3. A prompt will appear: 
    • Move them to the next step. This option will move people from the current Action or Delay node to the next node in the Workflow.
    • Remove them from this Workflow. This option will remove people in the current Action or Delay node from the Workflow. 
  1. Click the button with the option that best suits your Workflow

When you select to delete a Start Campaign or Start Workflow node, the people who are currently in the Campaign or Workflow will complete it. To remove people from a Campaign or Workflow, use our Bulk Operation feature.

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