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User Manual


Configuring a Delay via the Delay editor.

A Delay keeps people from moving further through a Workflow for a specified amount of time.  

To add a Delay to a Workflow:

  1. Click the + icon in the Workflow at the point you'd like to add a Delay

  2. From the pop-up, select Delay

  3. Configure the Delay timing

  4. Click Update Delay

A Delay can be configured by using the following timing settings:


Delay wait time

Set the amount of time in days, hours, or weeks that people should be delayed.

What days of the week can we resume?

Days of the week that people can resume from a Delay.

Determine the days of the week, Sunday through Saturday, that the Delay will release people once the Wait time has lapsed.

What time of day should we resume?

The time of day people will resume from a Delay.

Set the time of day to release people from the Delay once the Wait time has lapsed. Time zone defaults to that set in your account User Settings.  

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