User Manual

Add Segment

Add Segment to Workflow

Follow the below steps to add a segment to a Workflow and schedule a date or time for the automation to begin. 

Add Segment to Workflow is not an evergreen trigger. Add Segment to Workflow is a one-time event. If you choose to send immediately, only people who are currently in the segment will be added to the Workflow. If you choose to schedule for a future date, only people in the Segment at the selected date/time will be added to the Workflow. To pull people from a segment to a Workflow on an ongoing basis, use the Entered a Segment trigger, which checks the segment every 24 hours.

  1. If the Workflow is not already on, switch the on/off toggle ON. The Add Segment to Workflow node will appear next to Define your Trigger node once the Workflow is on.
  2. Build out your Workflow before adding your segment. Without any nodes in the Workflow, the segment of people will be processed and no actions will be applied to the segment.
  3. Click Add Segment to Workflow
  4. Select a saved segment from the drop-down
  5. Click Next
  6. Schedule the segment for Immediately  or Schedule for future. The schedule for future time zone will appear in the same time zone as your account
  7. Click Add Segment

If at any time you stop the Workflow, you will need to start it prior to the scheduled segment run time.