User Manual



A list of each account that is currently active under your subscription.


The level of your current Drip subscription. 


The status of your Drip subscription. There are 5 different subscription statuses. 

  • Active: Indicates that credit card details are up to date, and no payments are due.
  • Delinquent: Indicates that you’ve had 10 failed payments in a row. 
  • CanceledIndicates that the account is closed out. Canceled accounts can be reactivated for up to 6 months to restore old data.
  • Paywall: Indicates that we do not have credit card information for your account.
  • Pending Cancelation: Indicates that the account will close out at it’s set expiration date (next billing date). You can still log in to your account to export data in this state. 


The total monthly cost of your Drip subscription.