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User Manual


User Info

Manage the login credentials, name, unique API Token, and more for a user.

Email Address

The email listed here is the address you'll use to log in to the account. You can change a user’s email address by entering a new one into the field. Updating your email will require you to click a link in an email to confirm your new email address. 

Full Name

The full name of the account user.

Time Zone

This is the time zone used for scheduling emails sent by a user. Use the drop-down to select the time zone for the account. 

Date Format

Dates appear on account dashboards, people's activity timelines, email scheduling, and in Workflows and Rules. Set your preferred date format using one of the following options:

  • MM-DD-YYYY returns the date in Month-Day-Year

  • DD-MM-YYYY returns the date in Day-Month-Year

API Token

An alphanumeric identifier that is unique to each user. The API token authenticates a user when utilizing our REST API and may sometimes be required for connecting third-party integrations.

Authorized Applications

Authorized Applications Page

View all of the third-party applications and integrations you’ve authorized access to the account. This list includes native Drip integrations as well as custom API integrations. It's possible to see multiple instances of access being granted to the same application. This occurs when an application that has already been granted access is reauthorized.

To revoke an application’s access to the account, next to the application name, click Revoke.



To change your password:

  1. Log into your Drip account
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Enter your Current Password
  4. Enter your New Password
  5. Verify your New Password
  6. Click Save Settings

Passwords must be between 8 and 72 characters.

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