User Manual

Drip Source Tags

Drip Source Tags (DSTs) allow you to track the source of people on your list (Facebook ads, for example). When you add a Drip Source Tag to your link, that tag is applied in Drip after someone clicks on the link. 

To use Drip Source Tags:

  • Your Drip JavaScript snippet must be present on the destination page where the person lands after clicking the DST. 

  • The person who clicks the link must be identified.

Drip Source Tags work just like UTM codes. To turn a regular link into a DST, add the following to the end of your URL:


For example, applies a “facebook” tag to any person who clicks that link.

If your link directs to a page not tagged with your Drip JavaScript,  insert your JavaScript snippet into the page and enable Cross-Domain Tracking in Drip.