Drip Source Tags (DTS), allow you to track the sources of your subscribers (Facebook ads, for example) and tag them accordingly in Drip with a straightforward modification to your links. Drip Source Tags are similar to UTM codes.

For DST to apply to a person, the person must meet the following:

  • Your Drip JavaScript snippet must be present on the destination page where the person lands after clicking the DST. 
  • The person who clicks the link must be an identified person.

Append the following to the end of your link URL:


For example, www.example.com?dst=facebook would apply a “facebook” tag to any subscriber who clicks that link.

Note: If your link directs to a page not tagged with your Drip JavaScript, like an external landing page or shopping cart, you’ll need to insert your JavaScript into the page. You’ll also need to enable Cross-Domain Tracking in Drip.