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User Manual


There are a few different ways to apply a tag in Drip.

Bulk Operations

To apply a tag with Bulk Operations:

  1. Click People

  2. Click Imports/ Bulk Ops

  3. Click + New Bulk Operation

  4. Select Choose a segment of existing people

  5. Click Next Step

  6. Select the segment of people to be applied the tag

  7. Click Next

  8. Select Apply a tag

  9. Choose the tag, or enter a new one

  10. Click Next

  11. Select Immediately

  12. Click Schedule Operation


Use the Apply a tag action to automatically tag people that trigger certain automation steps in your workflows or rules.

To apply a tag in a Workflow:

  1. Click Automation

  2. Click Workflows

  3. Select the Workflow

  4. Click the + in the Workflow where you’d like to apply a tag

  5. Select Action

  6. Select Apply a tag

  7. Choose the tag from the second drop-down, or enter a new one

  8. Click Update Action


To apply a tag in a Rule:

  1. Click Automation

  2. Click Rules

  3. Select your rule

  4. From the action step, select Apply a tag

  5. Select your tag, or add a new one

  6. Click Save Rule

CSV File Import

Apply a tag via CSV file import by adding the column heading tags with any tags you’d like to import separated by commas only, no spaces. To learn more about importing a CSV file, check out our Import Your List guide.

API Call

You can apply tags to people with an API call through our JavaScript and REST APIs.