User Manual


Drip has simple, transparent pricing with no hidden fees: $0.015 per 153-160 character SMS segment and $0.03 per MMS message

  • A text-only message containing 160 characters or less counts as 1 segment.

  • For text messages over 160 characters, they are split into 153 character increments.

    • Pro-Tip: If your SMS text-only message cannot be shortened and it takes up more than 3 segments, convert it into an MMS message for optimal cost & performance.

Sending Number 

Your local sending number is where all of your texts will come from. Currently, Drip does not support:

  • Porting over existing sending numbers
  • Adding shortcodes
  • Adding toll-free numbers

Create a contact card so your SMS users save your information for future communications.

Activate your SMS sending number under Settings > Billing. Here you can add additional sending numbers, and choose the area code for each number. 

Note: With increased texting from healthcare providers during the pandemic, and election groups during the election season, sending numbers are in high demand. Area codes for large cities are in the highest demand, so if there is not an available area code in your city, we recommend using area codes in the surrounding areas of your city. 

How many sending numbers do I need?

For most users, Drip recommends one primary sending number for marketing purposes per account. However, we recommend multiple numbers if you are a company with large local followings in various locations. For those cases, a local area code builds additional trust with your customers. 

To get the most out of your phone number, Drip is working on making every phone number and account compliant with the major telecommunication carriers. 

The benefit to you will be increased deliverability rates per second and becoming a trusted sender, lowering the risk of your SMS messages being flagged as spam. We may reach out to you for information required for this registration process. For more information on SMS compliance, click here.


SMS Sending Funds

Your first sending number and up to 2,000 SMS per month are free through 2021. If you would like to add additional sending numbers and send more than 2,000 messages per month, add to your SMS sending fund.


Turn on auto-refill

Turn on auto-refill on the billing page.

Set your SMS sending funds to automatically refresh once you run out of credits. When you turn on auto-refill, you can set the amount that you’d like to refill when your SMS balance falls below a certain amount.

If you do not have auto-refill enabled and your SMS sending funds are running low, you will receive in-app and email notifications indicating that you’re running low and you can add more money manually.

Regardless of if you have auto-refill enabled, you can still add money to your SMS sending funds at any time.

If you do not have SMS auto-refill enabled and your SMS sending funds run out before you add to it, people in workflows will pass through SMS nodes without receiving texts. 



SMS Sending Funds: Add money.

Add money to your SMS sending funds based on the number of SMS and MMS messages you want to send. Add money during the SMS set up process, or anytime by going to the Billing page in your Drip account. Add the amount of money you want to spend, and Drip will subtract from your sending funds each time a message is sent. 

If you select pay-as-you-go your SMS sending funds will not automatically refresh after you run out, and the bill will be separate from your monthly Drip subscription bill. 

SMS Billing FAQs

How much in SMS funds should you add into your account once you run low on credits?

For our users, a simple formula works best. Take your total amount of SMS subscribers and multiply by 1.5 to account for new users coming into your list.


How often should you send SMS messages?

We recommend 1-2 SMS sends per month. In addition, we recommend activating an SMS welcome workflow so that users receive a customized, relevant message once they sign up for your SMS marketing.