User Manual


Learn about message segments and what they mean for the length of your messages and your SMS budget. 

Sending Number 

Purchase your SMS sending number under Settings > Billing. You can add up to 5 sending numbers, and choose the area code for each sending number. Drip charges $1 per number per month. This is the number that all your texts will come from. Currently, Drip does not support:

  • Porting over existing sending numbers
  • Adding shortcodes
  • Adding toll-free numbers

These capabilities might be added in the future!

With increased texting from healthcare providers during the pandemic, and election groups during the election season, sending numbers are in high demand. Area codes for large cities are in highest demand, so if there is not an available area code in your city, we recommend using area codes in the surrounding areas of your city.

Drip recommends one sending number for every 200 people who opt-in to SMS. This ensures that your SMS messaging has high deliverability, and will not get marked as spam from cellular carriers. 

When you have multiple sending numbers Drip spreads sends evenly across each number. We also ensure that people receive texts from the same sending number whenever you text them. So if you send someone multiple texts, or ask them to add you to their address book, it will always be from the same sending number. 


SMS Sending Funds

SMS Sending Funds: Add money.

You pay for SMS and MMS as you go by adding money to your SMS sending funds. 

Add money to your SMS sending funds based on the number of SMS and MMS messages you want to send. Add money during the SMS setup process, or anytime by going to the Billing page in your Drip account. Add the amount of money you want to spend, and Drip will subtract from your sending funds each time a message is sent. 

We recommend 1-2 SMS sends per month to SMS subscribers: 

1.5 x (number of SMS Subscribers

If you’re not sure how many messages you’ll be sending, start with $15 and you can add money to your SMS sending funds at any time.

Turn on auto-refill 

Set your SMS sending funds to automatically refresh once you run out of credits. When you turn on auto-refill, you can set the amount that you’d like to refill when your SMS balance falls below a certain amount.

If you do not have auto-refill enabled and your SMS sending funds are running low, you will receive in-app and email notifications indicating that you’re running low and you can add more money manually.

Regardless of if you have auto-refill enabled, you can still add money to your SMS sending funds at any time.

If you do not have SMS auto-refill enabled and your SMS sending funds run out before you add to it, people in workflows will pass through SMS nodes without receiving texts, and Drip will no longer collect SMS opt-ins in Drip forms. 



Per-message segment costs:

  • Cost per SMS: $0.015
  • Cost per MMS: $0.03

Drip will charge $1/month for each long code sending number that is acquired. This monthly charge will be included in your current monthly bill from Drip.