User Manual

Send an SMS Campaign

Design engaging texts with our SMS campaign builder. Send to existing email segments or create new ones just for SMS. SMS Campaigns are great for time-sensitive offers like flash sales, VIP offers, seasonal updates like Black Friday Cyber Monday, and more. 

Send an SMS Campaign: 

  1. Go to Campaigns > SMS

  2. Click + New SMS Campaign

  3. Name your message 

  4. Send to one of your saved segments, or create a new one using the People Filter 

  5. Once you’ve chosen your audience, click Save 

  6. Next, design your message with our campaign builder 

  7. Write your message, insert emojis, personalize with liquid, and see an interactive preview in the campaign builder. Note: Images are optional and will transition your SMS into an MMS

  8. Optionally include your Contact Card in the SMS campaign, which provides a way for subscribers to save your contact to their phone 

  9. You can add “Reply STOP to opt-out” language to any SMS Campaign

  10. Click Save and you’re ready to send or schedule your SMS Campaign 

  11. Just like with Single Email Campaigns, you can send your SMS Campaign immediately or schedule it for a specific date and time in the future. SMS sends will only be sent between 8 am - 9 pm according to TCPA regulations.

  12. Select the date and time you’d like to send your SMS Campaign, and click Send or Schedule

Your SMS Campaign will be sent at the selected date/time as long as it’s within the sending window. If the recipient lands outside of the 8 am - 9 pm window, they will receive the message the next time they are within the sending window.

SMS Campaign Dashboard

SMS campaign dashboard: showing the number of people, average order value, revenue per person, clicks, and unsubscribe rate.

Get all the stats on your SMS Campaign performance on the SMS Campaign dashboard. 

Here you’ll see the following stats: total revenue, revenue per person, average order value, click-through rate, and unsubscribes. 

Revenue Attribution

If a person clicks on a link in an SMS message and makes a purchase within 5 days, we will attribute their purchase to the SMS message. Note that this is different from email, where we attribute revenue when an email is opened rather than clicked. The reason the models are different is that we cannot track open rates for SMS. 

Without a link in your SMS messages, Drip cannot track the revenue performance of your messages. We recommend inserting a link in every SMS so you can track click rates and revenue. 


Drip automatically shortens URLs starting with http to + a string of numbers and characters. We recommend using our shortened links to keep your character count down, but you can use your own links.

Without a shortened “” link in your SMS messages, Drip cannot track revenue performance of your messages. In every SMS, we recommend including a link that begins with “http” (which Drip will then shorten) so you can track click rates and revenue.