User Manual

Send an automation SMS

Heads up! Cell providers are going to be more strict about including opt-out language in SMS messages this year. While you’re at a lower risk using Drip SMS, we recommend  adding opt-out language if you don’t already have it

Send SMS via Workflows in Drip, and track results on the Workflow Dashboard.

Send an SMS Action

Send an SMS action step in a workflow.

  1. Create a Workflow

  2. Click the + where you want to add an Action to send an SMS

  3. Select Action > Send an SMS

  4. Enter the SMS name (consumers will never see the SMS Name. It's for you to see when you look at someone’s Activity Timeline or Workflow Dashboard.)

  5. Enter your SMS message. The SMS message must have fewer than 1600 characters in order for it to send. To send a multimedia message (MMS) link to or upload an image.

  6. In order to be TCPA compliant, SMS can only be sent between 8 am-9 pm in a person’s local time zone. If a person reaches this step outside of 8 am - 9 pm, they will pause here and continue through the Workflow once the SMS is sent. 

  7. Click Update Action 

  8. Complete building the rest of your Workflow

  9. Start Workflow to start accepting people 


Drip automatically shortens URLs starting with http to + a string of numbers and characters. We recommend using our shortened links to keep your character count down, but of course, you can use your own links if you wish to.

Without a shortened “” link in your SMS messages, Drip cannot track revenue performance of your messages. In every SMS, we recommend including a link that begins with “http” (which Drip will then shorten) so you can track click rates and revenue.

Track Results

SMS Revenue Dashboard.

On the Workflow Dashboard, you can track the effectiveness of each SMS message. In this view, you can see how many people received and clicked on each message. You can also see how much revenue is directly attributed to each message.

Revenue Attribution

If a person clicks on a link in an SMS message and makes a purchase within 5 days, we will attribute their purchase to the SMS message. Note that this is different from email, where we attribute revenue when an email is opened rather than clicked. The reason the models are different is that we cannot track open rates for SMS. 

Without a link in your SMS messages, Drip cannot track revenue performance of your messages. We recommend inserting a link in every SMS so you can track click rates and revenue. 

Personalize SMS Using Liquid

Insert liquid into an SMS.

Use liquid to personalize your SMS messages. When creating an SMS, select the Personalize link to view the available shortcodes that you can enter into your message.

Currently, you’re not able to preview or send test SMS messages. We will be adding this in the future!