User Manual

Monthly Budget

SMS is completely free for the remainder of 2020 with sending limits enforced. Each calendar month you have 1,000 credits with which to send messages, which will refresh on the first of each month. View the number of messages you have left in the Billing tab under Account Settings. 

Learn about message segments and what they mean for the length of your messages and your SMS budget. 

Low Budget

When your account gets down to 100 messages remaining, an email will be sent to the account owner to warn that the budget is getting low. An additional email will be sent when the budget falls to zero. There will also be in-app notifications.

What Happens When My Budget Runs Out?

If your budget is at zero, people will pass through the SMS node in Workflows without receiving the text messages. You can still grow your SMS list via Drip forms, and Drip will continue sending confirmation text messages to new customers who opt-in to SMS.