User Manual

Import SMS Phone Numbers

Import a list of SMS subscribers from another provider to Drip so you can start sending automated texts. Before you import a list of phone numbers, you need to activate SMS and format your CSV file. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to format and import your file so you can text SMS subscribers with Drip. 

Currently, you can only import US phone numbers. 

Format Your CSV File

For Drip to import your data, your file needs to be in CSV format. If you’re migrating from another provider, you should be able to export your list as a CSV file. 

View instructions for formatting your full contact list in our Import Data to Drip guide. 

At a minimum, your file must have these three columns: 

  • email

  • sms_phone_number

  • sms_consent

The sms_consent column indicates if a person has granted SMS consent. This field can intake 2 values: true or false.

  • Enter true for people who have granted SMS consent. 

  • Enter false for people who have not granted SMS consent. 

When you import a person with a false value for sms_consent, you will see the SMS number in Drip but you will not be able to message them via SMS. 

If you’re unsure whether or not you have gained legal SMS consent, check out our TCPA requirements article


Import Your File 

Once your file is formatted, import it to Drip. 

  1. Go to the People page

  2. Click + Add People

  3. Select Upload a list of People 

  4. Click Begin 

  5. Upload or drag and drop your CSV file. Once you upload your CSV, you’ll see a preview of the first few rows

When you import SMS phone numbers, you need to include an email address so that we can map the phone numbers to a person. 

  1. Select the box to confirm that the people you are importing have provided explicit SMS consent

  2. Click Next > Add these People

  3. Click Done

You’ll be redirected to the Bulk Operations page where you can see the progress of your import. The operation will show as pending while we import your list, and once it’s completed it can be found under “Complete” bulk operations. 

View SMS Profile Fields 

Locate the people you imported into your account by segmenting for the “Imported YY-DD-MM at HH-MM-SS” tag on the People page. When someone opts into SMS and has an SMS number, you will see it at the top of their Profile.