User Manual

Contact Cards

People will receive texts from the same number each time you text them, and contact cards let SMS subscribers add you to their phone contacts so your communication feels more personal.

If you activated Drip SMS before October 19th, 2021, go to Settings > SMS and add your contact card information. Drip will not send a contact card if you have not added your contact card information.

Add your contact card details

If you activate Drip SMS after October 19th, 2021, you will be prompted to add contact card info during SMS setup. Existing users can go to Settings > SMS and enter their details. 

Be sure to add your SMS sending number in the Phone Number field. Your sending number can be found on your Billing page.

The Drip Shop contact card info.

Send your contact card

Send a contact card along with any SMS Campaign or Send an SMS Workflow action by selecting the “Include your virtual contact card” box. 


Contact Card in an SMS Campaign

Select the option to send your contact card in an SMS campaign.

Contact Card in a Workflow

Select the include your contact card option in a workflow.


Here is what your contact card looks like for iOs users:

Contact card for iOs users.

Android users: 

Contact card for Android users.