User Manual

Collect Phone Numbers

Once you’ve activated SMS, it’s time to build your SMS list by adding an SMS opt-in form on your website. You can either add an SMS opt-in option to an existing form or use our template to create a new one. 

Add an SMS opt-in by simply adding an SMS phone number field to a new or existing form: 

  1. Use our template under Forms > Form Templates or go to the form you’d like to add an SMS opt-in to
  2. If you use our form template, steps 3-7 will already be done for you
  1. Under Fields click + New Field 

  2. Under Field Label type Phone Number

  3. Under Field Type select Phone Number from the dropdown 
    Enter field type and check ask for SMS consent.

  4. You will see two check box fields: Required and Ask for SMS consent 

    1. Required?: Select this field if you want to prevent users from submitting the form until this field is populated.

    2. Ask for SMS consent: You must select this checkbox to send texts to any phone numbers you collect. Drip automatically adds the required consent language in the form which enables you to send texts to people who submit it. If you do not check this box, we will store the phone number in the Phone Number field, but you will not be able to text that number

  5. Select both of these options and click Add

  6. Put the final design touches on your form

  7. Set the behavior and submission settings 
  8. Lastly, update or activate your form to start collecting SMS numbers!

See more ways to build your SMS list in our guide.