User Manual

Collect Phone Numbers

Collect phone numbers for SMS via forms in Drip. In order to collect phone numbers, you must add an SMS phone number field to your form. Currently, Drip forms are the only way to get phone numbers into your Drip account. You are not able to collect phone numbers via third-party forms. 

You can collect SMS numbers and SMS consent for textable numbers in the United States. These numbers will be saved to a person’s SMS Number field. Non-US numbers and numbers that are not validated as textable will be stored in a person’s Phone Number field and will not be included in your list of people opted into SMS.

Add a Phone Number Field to a Form

  1. Create a form

  2. Click + New Field 

  3. Under Field Label enter Phone Number

  4. Under field type select Phone Number

    Enter field type and check ask for SMS consent.

  5. You will see two check box fields: Required and Ask for SMS consent 

    1. Required?: Select this field if you want to prevent users from submitting the form until this field is populated.

    2. Ask for SMS consent: If you plan to send SMS to phone numbers collected, you must select this checkbox. When you select Ask for SMS consent we automatically add required consent language in the form which enables you to send SMS to the phone numbers submitted in the form. If you do not check this box, we will store the phone number in the Phone Number field, but you will not be able to text that number.

      SMS consent language.

  1. Once you’ve selected Activate for SMS Consent click Add to complete the Phone Number field

  2. Activate your form to begin collecting phone numbers for SMS!

    Activate your form in the upper right hand corner.