User Manual

Activate SMS

SMS is only available if the Support All People feature is turned on in your Drip account.

  1. Go to SMS Settings

  2. Before you activate SMS, you must update the Terms of Service/Terms of Use on your website to make sure your customers are aware of your SMS terms when they subscribe to receive SMS messages. This protects you from SMS compliance issues.

    • Drip provides an example of compliance language for your Terms of Service. Use this template by copying and pasting the language directly into your Terms of Service.

      Generate SMS terms of service copy.

This is example language, and any updates made to your Terms of Service should be reviewed by your legal counsel. 

3. Once your Terms of Service is up to date, enter the URL of your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy into the input fields on the page. We ask for this information because when you collect SMS numbers in Drip forms, we automatically generate consent language that will include links to your terms of service and privacy policy.

Enter your terms of service and privacy policy URLs.

4. Read through the Drip Terms of Service before activating SMS.

5. Once you finish these steps, you're ready to purchase your sending number and SMS sending funds

6. Click Let’s do it and you'll be brought to the Billing page

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