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A pink text message over a purple background. 4 icons for: welcome message, time-sensitive offers, cart abandonment, and seasonal updates.

Your go-to place for everything you need to get started with Drip SMS. 

Enable SMS in minutes (with NO fees to get started!), start building your SMS list with an opt-in form, and activate your SMS Welcome Workflow. 

New to SMS?

It's super easy for you to get started:

  • Get your free sending number now and start building your SMS list at no cost through the rest of 2021.

  • Activate Drip SMS by October 31st and we'll add funds to cover up to 2,000 free SMS sends per month. These funds will hit your account on November 1st and December 1st, 2021. 
  • Follow our Getting Started with Drip SMS Guide to get set up!


Already activated Drip SMS?

We’ll credit your account with $30 in SMS funds, and will add another $30 on the 1st of November and 1st of December. We’ve also waived sending number costs and customer number validation costs through the rest of 2021.

Learn more about SMS Campaigns:


Install a Pre-built SMS Welcome Workflow 

As people opt-in to SMS, it’s best practice to send a welcome text message. Just like when someone opts into your email list, people expect a welcome SMS and it’s a great way to make an impression for your brand.  


Read up on SMS Best Practice 


General Information



SMS is only available to customers in the United States that have the Support All People feature enabled.