User Manual

Split Test

Create a Single Email Campaign Split Test to optimize your email engagement and revenue. 

With Single Email Split Tests you can:

  • Test up to four subject line or email content variations.

  • Set a test pool from your Segment before you declare a winner.

  • Select the duration to run the test before you send the winning variation to the rest of your Segment. 

  • Choose your winning criteria to test (open or click-through-rate)

  • See opens, clicks, and revenue for each variation on the Dashboard to optimize subject lines for future sends.

If you are sending to a pool less than 100% of the segment, sending in the recipient’s time zone will automatically be disabled.

Create a Single Email Campaign Split Test:

  1. Go to Campaigns > Single Emails  > + New Single Email Campaign
  2. Give your email a name
  3. Choose your recipients 
  4. Create your email
  5. Add up to four subject line variations

    Split Test Subjects


  6. Add up to four email content variations

    Split Test Email Content

    You can't do both a subject line AND a content split test.

  7. Set your Test Pool Size and Test Duration by clicking Edit Settings

    Split Test Settings

  8. Choose a date and time to send your email
  9. Select a date and subject line to Resend email to people who don’t open it.

    People who don’t open it will receive the control email content and the subject line specified here. If no new subject line is given, the resend includes the same subject line as the first Single Email Campaign.

  10. Click Schedule or Send Immediately when you’re ready to send!

Once your email is sent, view split test results on the Campaign Dashboard.

You can manually declare a winner if there is a clear winner before the duration of your test ends, or, Drip will declare a winner once the test runs for its full duration. Be mindful, after the test ends and a winner is declared, metrics will continue to update which may change the results. You may want to select a longer Test Duration in the future if you notice a significant change.

Drip Declares Winner

Drip declares a winning variation.

Once the Split Test runs for its full duration, Drip will automatically declare a winner and send the remaining variation.

Manually Declare a Winner 

Manually declare a winning variation.

If there is a clear winner before the duration ends in your split test, manually declare a winner by selecting Declare Winner on the Dashboard and the remainder of your Segment will be sent the selected winning variation.

Not sure which variation to choose? Don’t sweat it. We’ll tell you how much better the top variation is performing than the next best variation.

Split Test Results

Split test results dashboard.

View your split test results on the Campaign Dashboard after your email has been sent. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the "resend to unopened" feature work with Single Email Campaign split tests? Does each recipient get the same variation they received initially?

Content split tests will resend the winning variation. Subject line split tests will send what is set in the configuration area.

The resend won’t be split tested at all. The statistics from the resends will show up on the Dashboard for the resend email, not in the split test results.

Can I see/segment for who got which split test variant?

No. You can segment for who received the Single Email Campaign email as a whole, but not for who received which split test iteration. To segment recipients by split test iteration, we recommend using Workflow Split Tests

Does Drip allow me to test send or preview the variable emails instead of only the control email?

No. Currently, you can only test send or preview the control email.