User Manual


Drip displays the currency amount that is passed through from Shopify and makes no conversions. For the United States dollar (USD) there is nothing for you to do here. However, if your Shopify store is set to the Euro, for example, you must set Drip to be in the Euro as well. If your Shopify store is in Euro and your Drip account is in USD, the amounts will be incorrect. To have this reported in our currency other than USD, review Default Currency Symbol for instructions.

If your Shopify store is set to another currency, you’ll need to go in and manually update the currency symbol wherever it’s used in your emails. For example, the cart abandonment block includes a ${{ product.price }} that you will want to change to £{{ product.price }}

To change the currency symbol in your emails:

  • Open the email where you want to change the currency symbol 

  • Click into the ${{ product.price }} box
  • Manually delete the $ and add the £ symbol