User Manual


Webhooks allow you to send an HTTP POST to the URL(s) of your choosing anytime certain events occur in your Drip account. All Webhook events contain data serialized as JSON. See our Developer Documentation for more information on how to format the data.

To learn more about how your online accounts "speak" to each other, visit What are Webhooks

Create a Webhook

  1. Click + New Webhook

  2. Enter the Webhook URL

  3. Choose which events trigger the webhook

  4. (Optional) Enable Received Email Events

You will see the URL of the webhook on the Webhook Settings page. 

Zapier webhooks do not appear on the Webhook Settings page. When you add a Zapier webhook, you will see a message that says "Zapier webhooks can only be modified from your Zapier account." Delete a Zapier webhook by turning it off/ disabling it from your Zapier account.

Check out our Set up a Webhook Guide for more information on how and when to use a Webhook with Drip.