User Manual

UTM Codes

Configure your default UTM codes for Campaigns, Broadcasts, and Automation emails.  

Set up your UTM code defaults

To set your default UTM codes:

  1. Go to Settings > Email Setup
  2. Click Google Analytics 

You’ll see the screen where you can set your UTM parameters for Campaigns, Broadcasts, and Automation emails in Drip.

Leave utm_source as drip and utm_medium as email, so that you can track website visitors from all emails.

For utm_campaign and utm_content, use the drop-down to select the data point you'd like to track for each email type you send. 

Default UTM codes can be automatically added to every new hyperlink you add to an email. To enable that option, toggle ON the setting to Automatically add my default UTM codes to every new hyperlink.

Set up Custom UTM Codes

Set custom UTM codes in Drip using Liquid. To set up custom UTM codes: 

  1. Select Custom from the utm_campaign or the utm_content drop-down
  2. Enter the custom UTM code value that should be inserted dynamically via Liquid 

Here’s an example of a custom utm_campaign code that will dynamically insert the From Email associated with a particular Campaign, Broadcast, or Automation email:

{{ from_email | url_encode }}

Include the url_encode filter in your Liquid to ensure cross-browser compatibility.

Set Up the Hyperlink

Custom UTM settings

If you've opted to automatically add your default UTM codes to every hyperlink in your emails, no further action is required beyond adding a new hyperlink inside of an email. 

If you choose to customize your UTM parameters for a single hyperlink, enable the Customize UTM parameters setting and enter the Source, Medium, Campaign, and Content codes.