User Manual


Settings Templates page

Templates give more control over the design and layout of emails using the Text Builder.

To create a new Template:

  1. Click New Template
  2. Give the new template a name
  3. Click Create Template
  4. After making customizations, click Save Template

Templates are not compatible with emails built with the Visual Builder or HTML Builder.


The preview is where you can see the email in desktop, mobile, and tablet form as it should appear in the recipient's inbox.


To modify the template’s HTML and CSS code, use the HTML tab.

If any edits are made to the template HTML, the following Liquid code is required for saving changes to the template:

{{ email.html }}

This code is required because it populates the content in the email editor of the HTML email. You will see the following warning if you attempt to save a template without including that shortcode:

“HTML content must include {{ email.html }}”

{{ footer.html }}

The footer shortcode includes your default HTML footer. You can view and edit your default HTML footer when configuring your basic email settings.

Plain Text

View the plain text generated by Drip for the email template. The email template will default to plain text when the person’s browser fails to render the template’s HTML.

View Shortcodes

Shortcodes allow you to insert dynamic content into your emails. Add Drip specific shortcodes to your new template by clicking <View Shortcodes>.


Click Actions to rename, duplicate, set the default, and delete a template.

  • Rename. Click Actions > Rename to rename a template.
  • Duplicate. Click Actions > Duplicate to duplicate a template. Name the new template and click Create Template.
  • Set as default. Click Actions > Set as default to set the default template for all new emails created with the Text Builder.

By default, the “Simple” template is used for all text builder emails. Once you select a new default template all new emails with the text builder will be used with that template. This does not affect existing text builder emails.

  • Delete. Click Actions > Delete > Yes to delete a template. You cannot delete the default template, and this action can’t be undone.