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We updated our email revenue attribution model on December 13th, 2021. Read about it on our blog

Email revenue attribution in Drip is based on clicks and on-site interaction. We check whether a customer clicked an email within five days of a purchase or was "seen on-site" a day after receiving an email and then purchases within the five days following. If so, the revenue from that purchase goes to the email most recently clicked or received. 

Revenue will be attributed to email if:

  • Your customer clicked the email within five days of purchase.
  • A customer visits your website within one day of receiving an email and purchases within five days of receiving that email.

Let's say you send someone an email with a CTA that leads to a product page on your website. If they click on the CTA and purchase within five days, Drip attributes revenue from their purchase to that email. 

If someone gets an email on Wednesday—doesn't click—but is seen on your website on Thursday and makes a purchase on Sunday, Drip attributes the revenue to the email they received on Wednesday.

What's a seen on-site? 

Just like it sounds, seen on-site refers to when someone is on your website and Drip "sees" them via our javascript snippet. You can determine if someone was seen on site by Drip by going to the website sessions tab in their profile. 

We use a click or a site visit instead of an open because it confirms that a customer is on your website and engaging with your email content versus just viewing it. In the wake of Apple's iOS 15 release—and the movement toward more consumer privacy overall—opens are becoming less and less accurate. This approach helps future proof your metrics. 

To report revenue in Drip, you must be integrated through one of the following:

Learn more about How to Integrate with Drip and report your revenue.