User Manual

Member Roles

Add additional members to the account. Select from three different member roles, so others can access the account using their own login credentials. 

  • Account Owners have access to all data, features, and settings.
  • Account Admins have access to all data, features, and settings. Admins cannot cancel and create new accounts.
  • Account Contributors can create and edit campaigns, broadcasts, and automation rules. As a contributor, you do not have access to these account settings:
    • Members
    • Billing
    • SMS auto-renew
    • Integrations
    • Advanced settings
    • Lead scoring
    • Webhooks
    • Groups (manage groups or apply group tags)

To add a new member to the account:

  1. Enter the email address of the new member

  2. Select the member’s role

  3. Click Send Invitation

An email with a link gets sent to the pending member to accept the account invite. Once the user has accepted the invite, they will create a new password.

When inviting other members to your account, the email address field is case sensitive. Enter the exact email address to avoid errors.