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Groups provide a way to organize individual items from different features in your account. If you have items from Workflows, Forms and other features being used for a singular purpose such as onboarding new customers, allocate those items to a Group.

Create a new Group:

  1. Click + Create a New Group

  2. Give the new group a name

  3. Click Create Group

  4. Change the color identifier to a color you'd like to use.

The following features can be utilized with Groups:

  • Workflows

  • Rules

  • Campaigns

  • Forms

  • Broadcasts

Groups may contain any mixture of items from the compatible features above and are not exclusive to items of a singular feature set.

Add an item to a Group:

Applying a Group to a Broadcast email.

  1. Hover over the item

  2. Click Add to Groups

  3. From the drop-down, select the Group

An item can be included in multiple groups at the same time. Repeat the steps to add an item to a Group and select an additional Group to apply.

Remove an item from a Group:

An item being removed from a Group.

  1. Hover over the item

  2. Click the x icon to the right of the Group name

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