User Manual

Billing Settings

Stay up-to-date with your billing in Drip. Here you'll find your billing information, payment history, and the option to cancel your Drip subscription.

Billing Info

Your billing info page is where you can find and update the following information:

  • Plan type

  • Monthly cost 

  • Current billing cycle

  • Credit card info

  • Company Info (this info appears on invoices and receipts from Drip)

Payment History

View a record of your past invoices from Drip. To view an individual invoice, click View Receipt.

Each invoice shows the following information about the transaction:

  • Service dates

  • Amount paid

  • Payment method (last 4-digits of the card on file)

  • Drip’s support contact email address


If you need to add any additional information to previous invoices (such as our Tax ID number), please reach out to

Cancel Subscription

Only account owners can cancel accounts. Admins will end up at an error page after clicking confirm, and contributors will not see the option to cancel the account. Once you cancel, you’ll still have access to your subscription until the end of your current billing period (you can also change your mind about canceling until then, too). 

To cancel your Drip subscription:

  1. Click Settings > Billing

  2. Click Cancel Subscription

  3. Complete the cancellation survey

  4. Click Submit

  5. Click Confirm Subscription Cancellation

Canceling your Drip subscription will also cancel all of the individual accounts you have under your subscription. If you have a high-volume account, you may be directed to contact your Success Manager to cancel on the Cancel Subscription page.