User Manual


Add Google fonts and images to your account under Settings > Assets.



Add your font using the search bar.

Add your fonts to Drip to match the look and feel of your brand across channels. Go to Settings > Fonts and select from 1,000+ Google Fonts. 

Use the search bar to add your font. Click on the pink checkmark to save the font to your account, and you’ll be able to use that font in your signup forms and emails.


Google fonts are available to use in our Visual Email Builder. Google fonts are not currently available in the Text Builder or HTML Builder. 

Signup Forms

Drip lets you choose any Google Font to use on any popup, exit intent, or side tab form. Google fonts are available in all form body text, field labels, fields, and buttons.



Asset Library: Images.

Access all of your account images in one central location. Here you can organize, search, and drag and drop images and gifs from your desktop to your asset library. Use these images in emails, signup forms, and MMS.  

  • Sort images by newest, oldest, or alphabetically. 
  • Preview and delete images. 
  • Change an image name by clicking Preview.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I access these images after I upload them? 

You can use an image uploaded to your library in emails, forms, and MMS. 

If I delete an image in my asset library will it be deleted from an email?

No. The image will still appear in an email. 

Is there a limit on the number of images I can upload to my library?


If I delete an image in my email will it be deleted from my library? 

Yes. If you delete an image from an email, that image will not be in your asset library anymore. 

I have multiple accounts under the same subscription. Can I share images between accounts? 

No. You can't share images between accounts via your asset library at this time.