User Manual


General Info

Find general information, add new members, locate the javascript snippet, export account data, and more.

Account Name

The account name is the name that appears in the drop-down to the left of the settings icon.

Domain Name

The full domain of your website. Double-check that you have the correct spelling and format of your website. For example, or

Email Address

The email address of the account owner. This email address is used if we need to get in touch with the account owner.

Phone Number

Provide a phone number for your business. Phone numbers are used for administrative purposes only.

Default Currency Symbol

Select the currency symbol you'd like us to use in your account when displaying monetary values. No currency conversions will occur.


Choose an industry from the dropdown menu if you would like to add it.

Industry Subcategory

Choose an industry subcategory from the dropdown menu if you would like to add it.

Account ID

The account ID is the unique identifier for your Drip account. There may be instances where a third-party integration will ask for this credential to gain access to your Drip account. The account ID is also helpful to include when submitting Support Desk tickets so the team can identify which account you’re writing in about.


Site Setup

The site code snippet is your account’s unique tracking snippet and connects your website to Drip.

Site Code Snippet

Your account’s unique JavaScript tracking snippet can be found on the Site Setup page. This snippet sends information from your site to Drip about website visitor activity. You can email the instructions to your developer with a message.

Cross-Domain Tracking

Track multiple domains with the same Drip JavaScript snippet. Enable this setting if you want to send website visitor data from multiple web sites, including a third-party landing page such as Leadpages, back to the same Drip account. If you only need to track a single website, leave the setting disabled. You do not need to enable this setting to track site activity on subdomains.

Form Schema Validation

Turning on this setting verifies form submission to reject submissions that contain more fields than you’ve specified.


EU Compliance

Manage EU compliance consent settings for the account.

EU Compliance Checkbox on Drip Forms

To request consent from people when they sign up through your forms, toggle on the option to Add Drip Form Checkbox.

EU Compliance on Double Opt-in Confirmation Emails

To allow people to consent through double opt-in confirmation emails, toggle on the option to Record Consent on Double Opt-in Confirmation Emails. When this setting is turned on, confirmation emails will include your compliance message and EU consent will be stored when they click on the confirmation link.

Check out our guide to learn more about EU Compliance. 


Export Account Data

Download account data to a CSV file. 

  1. Click Export Account

  2. Click Okay

Once you've requested your account export, a CSV file will be sent to the email address that you're logged in as. The following information is included in an Account Export:

  • Templates 
  • People List 
  • Campaigns 


Delete Your Account

Permanently delete your account and account data. When you delete your account, you permanently lose the following data:

  • People data
  • Automated workflows
  • Emails and templates
  • All data on analytics

Only have a single account? You'll get a prompt to cancel your Drip subscription.