User Manual


Once you start creating Rules, you'll find a full list of those Rules under the Rules section of your account.

To access all of the Rules in your account:

  1. Click Automation

  2. Click Rules

New Rule

Click + New Rule to create a new Rule in your account. Once a new Rule is created, it will be added to the list.


Filter the list of Rules to show those with the status of Draft, Active, Paused, or All. By default, the list shows All Rules. The list can be sorted by Most Recent, Oldest, A-Z, Z-A, or Custom Order.

Search Rules

Locate a Rule you've already created in your account by entering its name into the search bar.


Organize your rules based on their purpose using Groups.


While set to Draft, a Rule will not trigger. To activate a Rule, click the Draft drop-down and select Activate.


The Active label, signifying that a Rule is activated.

While set to Active, a Rule is able to be engaged by the people on your list.


Click Edit to the far right of the Rule's name that you'd like to manage.