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User Manual


The Trigger and Action step in a Rule.

Rules apply automation actions on a person when a given event is performed. If a person's activity satisfies the trigger step, the rule applies the specified actions to the person.

Create a Rule

  1. Click Automation

  2. Click Rules

  3. Click + New Basic Rule

  4. Give the rule a name

  5. Click Save

Rule Trigger and Action

There are two steps to set up a Rule. First, every rule must have a defined Trigger event. The trigger represents the activity a person must perform to engage the rule. The second step defines the action or actions to apply when a rule is triggered.

Activate a Rule

The drop-down to activate a Rule.

  1. Click Draft

  2. Click Activate

Rules are forward facing from activation and do not trigger based on a person's past events activity. When paused, a rule is no longer triggers for people and no segment is save of those who qualified while it was paused.