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User Manual

Wire Up RSS feed

Verify your feed URL, set the recurring schedule and time of day to send RSS emails, and select the segment of people who should receive the email.  

Feed URL

The full URL to your published RSS feed. The URL must end with an extension of  .rss, otherwise, we will not be able to verify your RSS feed. 

How often should we send emails?

Select the frequency to send a new RSS email:

  • Monthly generates a new RSS email every thirty days

  • Weekly generates a new RSS email every seven days

  • Daily generates a new RSS email every twenty-four hours

  • Hourly generates a new RSS email every sixty minutes

What time of day should we send Emails? 

Select the time of day to generate a new RSS email. The time of day is based on a 24-hour clock. Time zone defaults to the specified time zone in your User Info settings. Click the drop-down to select a new time zone.

What days of the week can we send emails?

Check the boxes to select the days of the week to generate a new RSS email. 

Send emails automatically

We send notification emails with a draft of your Broadcast to the account email address by default. To send RSS emails without an email notification, check the box to Send emails automatically

This trigger applies to everyone

Select the segment of people who should receive the RSS email. Only people who match the criteria of the segment will receive the email. To select the segment: 

  1. Click Change
  2. Set the filter criteria
  3. Click Update Criteria
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